7th Aug 2022

What is react-chessboard?

react-chessboard is an NPM package for displaying a playable chessboard in a React application. I decided to make it when I realised that I needed some extra functionality for the board in my chessopenings.co.uk project but the package I was using for that was no longer maintained.

This package allows you to drag and drop pieces around the board and provides many customisable properties to allow users to use it how they wish.

Open source

The react-chessboard project is open source already had over 10 contributors at the time of writing this. It has been downloaded over 14,000 times in the last year and has over 90 stars and 40 forks on GitHub.

My hope is that it can become the go-to package for chessboards in React, it has already massively closed the gap to chessboardjsx and react-chessground.

The future

At the point of writing this, version 2 is in development. The package has been rewritten in TypeScript with responsive support out the box. Storybook is also being integrated and I plan to add semantic release too.

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